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Labels and Feedback.
Easily segment requests, environments, and more with custom properties.
Lower costs and improve performance as well as configure your cache responses.
User Rate Limiting.
Rate limit power users by requests, costs, and more to prevent abuse.
Get notified when your application is down, slow, or experiencing issues.
Key Vault
Securely map and manage your API keys, tokens, and other secrets.
Extract, transform, and load your data using our GraphQL API, webhooks, and more.

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This is the easiest integration you will ever do. We promise

  • Any Model

    Bring any model from any provider to Helicone.

  • Any Scale

    Log millions of requests per second with no latency impact.

  • Async Packages

    We offer async packages for all major languages.

  • On-prem deployments

    Deploy Helicone on-prem for maximum security.

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We believe in the power of community and the importance of transparency.

Deploy Anywhere

We have a cloud-hosted solution, but also offer on-prem deployments for maximum security.

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